How to Choose the Best Social Media Marketing Platform?


People turn to the Social Media for remaining associated with loved ones, friends, family and furthermore for news, Views, trending articles etc. That makes this media an amazing way for a business to increase public attention. Facebook and Instagram are two exceptionally well known interpersonal interaction stages that organizations use for brand promotion and marketing activities. Although Facebook owns Instagram, they are quite unlike and need separate marketing strategies. So as a Social Media Marketing Company, how might you choose which one among these two is better for your business?  Let’s ease your doubts with our various tips:

User Base: Statistics


  • 4 billion active monthly users
  • 655 million mobile-only active monthly users
  • 40 million small businesses have their own Facebook page


  • 300 million active monthly users; 75 million daily users
  • 47% users access the app on their phone and 53% on their tablet

Although Facebook’s client base is large, Instagram is quick getting to be mainstream as a result of the excessive amount of Content shared on it through videos and photos. Thus, if your business expects you to engage your users with the visual content, at that point Instagram is highly recommended.

User Demographics


  • Has been around since 2004 and hence caters to the earlier generation
  • 21% teen users


  • Started in 2010 and caters to a younger user base
  • 38% teen users

This difference in the age section of the users is one of the integral factors on the intended audience of your Marketing Campaign. Instagram is great for your company if you are trying to reach a younger demographic. However, the fact remains that older generation have higher incomes. So if you are an investment firm, you will have more success on Facebook, while of you are a products-based company, you might get more advantage on Instagram.

User Engagement

A study conducted on social media engagement of 3 million users on seven social networking sites gives the following figures for Facebook and Instagram for a particular brand:


  • 1% engagement rate


  • 21% engagement rate

Thus, Instagram is viewed as more engaging than Facebook. Most brands may need to decide on paid reputation with a specific end goal to promote their content on Facebook; however, it is far easier on Instagram as posting and reposting keep the customers engaged. Digital marketing companies have observed that a business promotion through Instagram has shown better results than on Facebook due to user engagement.

Information Overload


  • Highly informational
  • Data-driven
  • Focused more on text


  • Less informational as it does not use text
  • Captures moments
  • Activity is more private

So we see Instagram is very useful if the ad campaign requires sharing lots of videos or photos, but what if your business needs you to share more written content along with links to other pages? Instagram has its own particular Limitations. Henceforth, in such cases, it is better to opt for Facebook. Instagram allows you to include a connection by means of the bio, but Facebook enables you to share unlimited links and pages on your blog.

Marketers on Each Platform


  • Almost 93% of the total marketers


  • 36% marketers

This means that there is a lot of untapped potential on Instagram. Social Media M services can help identify the audience and measure the success and conversions on each platform.

Other Factors

Photo Contests

In order to keep the users engaged, Social Media Optimization Company can run contests on Instagram for the best photo with hashtags and promote this contest through Facebook. This will help the business to utilize both sites to the best of their ability.


With its video- and photo-sharing ability, Instagram has been able to communicate directly to customers and has created a loyal customer base. Facebook also has different features like inviting for events, creating groups, and uploading photos and videos among other activities.

Games for Increasing Reach

Like Facebook, Instagram does not have multiple choices to connect with customers with games along with all the other content. Instagram is absolutely related with posting pictures and videos.

Content Sharing

If you like a blog or an article on Facebook, you have an option to share it on your page so that your followers can view the same. However, Instagram is more about your own business and your own content although it does allow you to occasionally repost someone’s post.


Hashtags have a very crucial role to play on Instagram. Facebook owns Instagram and hence it allows you to post a picture directly from Instagram to your Facebook page. But it is advisable to just share the image along with a caption and add the hashtags in the comment section on Instagram as hashtags are popular on Instagram and not on Facebook.


Thus, Instagram and Facebook are altogether different with their own style, approach, and content. Also, their audience is very different. Facebook serves a wide variety of choices on a platter though Instagram brags of only maybe a couple choices. A few people even feel that Instagram is high on quality while Facebook is strong in quantity with regard to content. Despite a higher user base on Facebook, Instagram is all the more engaging and has an untapped market. So in view of these factors you have to choose which of the two stages would help you to meet your marketing goals.

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